Out of a South Korean Orphanage: Glenn Morey’s Story About Finding His Voice and Creating a Documentary

By Glenn Morey (AKA Kim Kang), filmmaker

While conducting pre-interviews for his new film project–Side by Side: Out of a South Korean Orphanage and Into the World--Glenn was blown away by the amount of inter-country adoptees who had a very real need to speak of their full experience.

More than 500 interviews later, most of which averaged an hour each, Glenn has used his cinematic acumen to capture a picture as skillful as it is important.

Glenn taps the vast desire for a voice in this community and an intense hunger from others to be heard. He pulls not only from that pool of similar adoption experiences, but shares the story of his own life as well.

What follows is an impactful perspective that should be recognized and voiced. The majority of adoptees of the ‘closed adoption era’ generation have struggled to find their identity amidst it all, and any medium that allows for these stories to be told not only helps adoptees, but provides a clear and comprehensive picture of adoption as well.

Listen to the podcast here.