Unraveling Adoption podcast - Episode 95
Facing the Challenges of Asian American Boys and Men with Glenn Morey
Incheon Art Platform Holds an Exhibition That Looks Back on the History of Korean Immigration through Contemporary Art
NPR — KQED in San Francisco
Korean adoptees use DNA to find families.
Asia Times
Alternate lives for South Korea’s dumped ‘kids’
South China Morning Post
Korean orphans tell stories of abandonment and alienation
Korea Times
Alternate lives: Korean orphans' quests for answers
Chosun Ilbo Newspaper
How was I born? Glenn Morey, a Korean adoptee, films a documentary that takes him around the world.
eFM This Morning / Seoul
News Focus with Glenn Morey: Complexities of Trans-Racial Adoption
Korea Herald
Adoption, abandonment find new voices in ‘Side by Side’
United Press International (UPI)
Bill aims to protect Korean-American adoptees from deportation
Hyphen Magazine
Changing the Narrative of Intercultural Adoption
Korea has adopted out more than 200,000 children overseas for the past 60 years, but documentary films about their stories are not easy.
Colorado Public Radio (CPR)
Denver Filmmaker Explores How Korean Adoptees Felt Like ‘Martians’ In White America
SBS Evening News
Interviews with 100 Korean Adoptees—”Side by Side”
Character Media
‘Side By Side’ Documents Myriad Adoptee Stories
Immerse / Medium
Random chaos of the universe, as seen through the eyes of orphaned Koreans—the multi-platform depiction of 60+ years of adoption out of South Korea
Art + Marketing /
How Side by Side became a cross-platform art project
Side by Side: Out of a South Korean Orphanage and Into the World (2018)